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It's All About...Writing with Gratitude

This post was first published on the Children's Book Academy blog.

Many people use gratitude practices in their daily lives to celebrate large and small victories, help move past obstacles, and feel connected to themselves and others.

Here are a few tips for starting a writing gratitude practice. You can take note of these points in your mind or keep a writing gratitude journal to compile your thoughts for further reflection.

1) Each morning, name one thing you are grateful for in your writing career. Is it an idea? A thought that will help reframe a main character’s problem? A turn of phrase or plot twist that’s just what will help with a revision? Big or small, think of one thing that’s going well in your writing life.

2) During the day, think about who you are grateful for in your writing life. A gem of a critique partner or your writing group? A beloved and supportive family member or friend? A helpful librarian or educator who pointed you in the right direction? Or a child who asked a question that led to an idea.

3) In the evening, reflect on something that happened on that specific day that you might be grateful for. It can be a small moment or a large revelation or event. Perhaps you read an engaging kidlit article? Maybe a walk through your neighborhood or an overheard conversation sparked inspiration? Or maybe you found connection in an online writing group or an in-person meeting, workshop, or conference? Or even . . . you found a way to move past a rejection and kept writing and submitting. Whatever it is, take a moment to let it sink in.

Hopefully, highlighting these moments of gratitude will be useful and enriching as you move along your writing path. At the same time, ponder how you can be a positive force in someone else’s writing journey. And then take action!

I’m grateful for everyone I connect with in our wonderful writing community.

Happy creating!


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