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It's All About...Setting End of Summer Goals

Updated: Sep 11, 2020

This post was first published on the Children's Book Academy blog.

It’s already mid-August! The days are flying by. Here are some tips to ensure you meet your writing-related goals before the summer ends.


  • I read a recent article about moving past perfection in your work. Check it out here! This applies well to getting that first draft or first chapter written. Your initial draft doesn’t need to be perfect – it needs to be on the page. Just go for it!


  • Pull out a draft you have put away. Take a fresh look. Revise a page, a chapter, or the whole manuscript. Make some headway.


  • Head to your local library or bookstore. Read in your genre. Challenge yourself to read at least five picture books or one chapter book, MG, or YA novel.


  • Pick three small marketing tasks you can accomplish. Here are a few to consider: Set up or refine your website. Get involved on Twitter or Instagram if those social media outlets speak to you. Follow authors, agents, and editors online. Review some of your favorite children’s books on Goodreads or Amazon. Request the books of your favorite authors at your library. Draft a marketing plan.

I’ll be working on these goals too as I enjoy the last of summer s’mores, long shell walks, and back to school shopping! Let me know about your end of summer writing plans in the comments.

Happy creating!


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