Melissa loves visiting schools and sharing her love of reading and writing with students and teachers! The following are examples of typical workshops she provides. She is also happy to personalize the program to your school and student groups.

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The following pricing is for all virtual workshops. Melilssa is happy to tailor the workshop to your needs.

All virtual workshops include a power point presentation, interactive sessions, book readings, question and answer time, writing time, and more. She can also include a book-related craft session with minimal supplies.

School Visits


In this interactive power point presentation, Melissa will read either one of her picture books, or a portion of her chapter book.


You will discuss the plot, characters, themes, and writing structure. Then, you will learn how to harness ideas for books.


Questions discussed include: where do ideas come from? How can we find them? What does it take to capture those ideas and use them to start the storytelling process?


In this in-depth workshop, students will learn how to use their five senses to find the ideas that are everywhere around us. Through interactive games and challenges, you will fill journals with ideas that can turn into stories.


Take an idea from start to finish. In this interactive workshop, Melissa will partner with a large group or smaller roundtable-style discussion groups.


Students will leave this interactive session with a good start toward a written story comprising a beginning, middle, and ending. And throughout the session, you’ll focus on reading mentor texts, working with critique partners, and moving from draft to final product. 


In this interactive workshop, Melissa discusses the writing process, focusing on working hard, believing in yourself, and never giving up on your dreams


Topics include: What does it take to be an author? How can you put yourself in the best position to be a writer? How do you handle disappointment? What steps can you take now to make your writing dreams come true?


Melissa focuses on her writing journey and provides concrete examples about working toward your goals. You will read sections of her books and her works-in-progress, and discuss how she found her ideas and moved from pre-published author to author.


full day


This could include multiple classes, large groups, or several smaller group sessions. 



This half-day session could include larger or smaller group sessions.

45-60 minutes


This shorter presentation could be given to either a large group audience, a smaller group, or an agreed upon format.

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