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The Enchanted Snow Globe Collection Series

Book One: Return to Coney Island

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Nine-year-old New York City twins Emma and Simon visit their grandmother for a sleepover and shake a snow globe from her collection. Immediately, they are transported back to Coney Island in 1928, right in front of the world-famous Cyclone roller coaster. When the twins come face-to-face with their great-grandparents, they realize their challenge is to make sure their great-grandparents meet on the Coney Island trolley, as they are supposed to according to family legend. Otherwise the twins may never be born.  


“Return to Coney Island is an imaginative story that will transport readers to the historical Coney Island with its young protagonists. Melissa Stoller’s juvenile fantasy Return to Coney Island entertainingly combines family stories, a recipe for apple crisp, and a very special snow globe for an appealing first installment to a new series.”  – Foreword Reviews



“The characters and setting are the heart of the enjoyable story . . . The book includes discussion questions, a recipe for apple crisp (integral to the story), and a craft project, all of which enhance the tale.”  – Kirkus Indie Review

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Coming Soon

Emma and Simon shake another enchanted snow globe on their latest sleepover with Nana. This time, they’re transported to Philadelphia in 1915 and witness the Liberty Bell making its last historic transcontinental train ride to San Francisco. They soon realize that their Great-Great-Aunt Lucy was one of the schoolchildren who signed the petition bringing the Liberty Bell to California. When trouble brews, will the twins and Aunt Lucy be able to help the Liberty Bell get back on track?


Book Two: The Liberty Bell Train Ride

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