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Happy Valentine's Day!

I'm so excited to participate in my first Valentine's Day Writing Contest...courtesy of Susanna Leonard Hill's 2nd Annual "Valentiny Writing Contest 2017." The rules are: write a story for children, with a clear story arc, using 214 words or less, including a character who is confused.

Here goes . . . I hope this Valentiny story brings a tiny smile to your face and brightens your day just a teeny bit!


By Melissa Stoller

214 Words

A little frog named Teeny Tiny,

Searching for her Valentiny,

Hopped on lily pads all day,

To find a friend who’d stop and play.

“Would you like to be all mine?”

She asked a roly-poly swine.

“I like to eat and bathe in mud,”

Piggy said with a thud.

“Can you kindly be my love?”

Teeny asked a dove above.

“I’d rather live high in the sky,

Away I fly, goodbye.”

“Will you please steal my heart?”

Tiny asked a fox who’d dart.

“I need to dash, zip along,

So sorry I’m all wrong.”

Teeny Tiny felt confused

Her mouth turned down . . . not amused.

Could she find her Valentiny?

Who would buddy up with Tiny?

Grasshopper James then jumped by,

“Whee - I glide, spread wings, and fly.

Explore the land for days on end,

But I am bored without a friend.”

Finally, near a pond he hopped,

Grasshopper stared, smiled, and stopped.

“Who’s this creature crouching here,

On a lily looking dear?”

“My old friend Tiny, I’m Grasshopper James,

We were pals once playing games.

I hopped away to and fro,

Now I’m back – let’s go!”

Teeny Tiny looked up and down,

And turned around her giant frown.

She had found her Valentiny,

Her heart was full – her smile shiny.


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