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3 Question Interview - ROSIE J. POVA

I'm so happy to feature my good friend and fellow @2021WordBird, KidLit author Rosie J. Pova! Rosie's new picture book, SUNDAY RAIN, illustrated by Amariah Rauscher, releases on March 2, and is a perfect story to read on a rainy day or any day! Rosie shares about stories, creativity, and connection, and I enjoyed learning about her writing process. Welcome, Rosie!

STORIES –Discuss the inspiration for your ideas and stories, and share the process about your latest projects.

I get ideas from phrases that pop into my mind, lines of dialogue from reading other books I enjoy, childhood memories, my kids...pretty much from anywhere and everywhere! My usual process is to ask myself questions about the character, the problem, the obstacles, and what happens at the end. I'd like to have a clear picture about most of these elements before I start typing in the story, so I first write it down longhand in my notebook. It evolves from there and slowly takes shape. Then I revise, and transfer it to a digital file. Next, I might print out the file and edit with my red pen in hand. Back to the computer for yet another version which I then share with my critique partners and finally, with my agent.

My upcoming book, Sunday Rain, was a bit different in that I hardly revised my first draft -- it just came out in a pretty good shape. But that rarely happens!

With my latest upcoming book, The School of Failure: A Story about Success it was the complete opposite -- that's probably the story I've revised the most so far, in all of my 16-year writing career! I don't even know the number of all the different versions it went through.

CREATIVITY -- How do you showcase your creative side through writing/illustrating and other pursuits?

Writing is definitely how I showcase my creative side and it's always fun to come up with new stories, try new formats and approaches, and stretch and challenge myself in the process. In addition, I strive to be creative in my promotions, too, so it doesn't get too boring for me, and also I want my marketing to feel authentic and enticing.

Another way I keep my creative side engaged is through my teaching, school visits, and designing my own swag and promo materials.

I just love having multiple outlets and always doing something different!

CONNECTION -- How do you connect to your young readers through your writing/illustrating, and how do you stay connected to the KidLit community?

That's a great question and a big part of my focus is dedicated to those two goals -- connecting with young readers and the KidLit community!

Now that we are no longer able to visit schools for in-person author visits, I am offering online sessions to teachers and librarians. In fact, there's an opportunity for schools to earn a FREE 30-min Q&A or a discussion with me for their students -- a limited number of spots are available in celebration of the release of Sunday Rain, so interested educators can contact me here.

Often, I do giveaways on Twitter, specifically for educators, so any teachers and librarians reading this, follow me @RosiePOV to be in the loop.

As for the KidLit community, I have joined four Facebook promo groups, joining forces with so many wonderful creatives so we can support each other with our 2021 new book releases.

Also, I am now teaching online classes on picture book writing and offer mentorship services through Writing Workshops Dallas. I serve as a Rate Your Story judge and have been getting great feedback from writers who are finding my feedback and critiques very helpful so that makes me happy.

In addition, I have my own critique services that I offer to picture book writers.

I also guest blog for other writers and strive to share helpful writing tips, revision techniques and give some insight into my journey and books.

And finally, I maintain an active blog, KidLit Oasis Chitchat series where I interview authors, illustrators, editors -- and hopefully soon, agents too. Most of these come with giveaways as well -- of books or critiques -- so if you aren't following my blog yet, make sure to do so.

Those are some of the things I do, but I am always open to new ways to make connections!


Rosie J. Pova is a multi-published, award-winning children's author, poet, speaker, and writing coach on a mission to inspire children not only to read and write more, but to use their creativity, follow their passions, dream big and believe in themselves. She is also a Writing Instructor for the Dallas Independent School District through The Writer's Garret, an instructor with Writing Workshops Dallas, teaching picture book courses to children's writers, and the founder of two children's writing contests ― KWEST and Haiku Hype ― as well as the organizer of The Write Universe Kidlit Writers Workshops in Dallas, TX. She also serves as a judge for Rate Your Story.

Rosie visits schools and shares her inspirational journey as an immigrant from Bulgaria and how she became a published author, encouraging kids to persist, push through obstacles, and hold a high vision of themselves.

She also speaks on many women's topics and has appeared on radio and print media.

Her upcoming picture book, Sunday Rain, celebrates imagination, the love of books, and new friendships. Her other upcoming picture book, The School of Failure: A Story About Success will be released in spring of 2022.



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